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Can't make a layup, wins a truck.

Drake University (Des Moines, IA) freshman Alex Tillinghast had the opportunity of a lifetime last night at "Bulldog Madness". All he had to do was make a layup, a free throw, a 3 pointer and a half court shot in 30 seconds. If he wins, he gets a new 2014 Ford F-150. Seems simple.

It starts off a little rough, missing 2 layups before making the 3rd. He then makes his first free throw attempt. He then proceeds to miss three 3 point attempts before banking in the fourth. Time was winding down when Alex drills his first half court attempt and is immediately swarmed by the Drake basketball team and students in attendance.


Looks to me Alex owes the kid who keeps rebounding the ball a ride to class at the very least.

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